The success story of the Crystallization collection continues to evolve. Within the renowned glass Factory Rogaška, known for crafting prestigious crystal giftware in Slovenia, the Rogaskabrand holds a significant and esteemed position. Six years after the crystallization collection was introduced to the public, and has been well-received on the global stage, its now expanded with three new exquisite gift items. The Crystallization collection seamlessly blends timeless elegance with a captivating modern twist. It showcases crystal in all its glory, uniting aesthetics with durability. Its design, crafted from asymmetrical crystal pyramids, maximizes the play of light, creating the most brilliant reflections. Each facet of the crystal is unique, thanks to the diverse geometric patterns, resulting in a striking and contemporary impression. Thoughtful design and careful modeling have made this collection suitable for efficient industrial production, making it accessible to a wider audience.


Ivana Potočnik

Steklarna Rogaška d.o.o.

Year of production

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