Reiters Reserve Premium Suites

At Reiters Reserve Supreme, an existing resort from the 80s, you can find peace and harmony within the natural environment of the spa town of Bad Tatzmannsdorf. The design language of the new suites emphasizes this philosophy by focusing on the essential sensations of the used materials such as wood, clay and natural stone. The clean, minimalistic architecture creates a regenerating atmosphere in which nature can be enjoyed to its fullest. The new suites emerged by joining smaller rooms together. Movable partitions and variable elements such as a bathtub in the living room, a hidden workspace, a sleeping sofa (by BEHF and Wittmann) or a hidden kitchenette allow the room to be adapted to guests’ needs. The entry into the suite is through a semi-transparent anteroom that separates it from the rest of the space. A bench and a quiet fountain act as a barrier between the lively social environment outside from a more secluded area inside a suite. In addition to enjoying breathtaking views from the spacious suite itself, guests can further enhance their well-being through options such as indulging in a Japanese soaking tub or utilizing various sports equipment.


BEHF Architects; Stephan Ferenczy

Reiters Reserve

Year of completion

Bad Tatzmannsdorf, Austria

Kurt Hörbst

Project Partners

Mobileri Besi, Evolux Lighting Co., Zela Gifts & Merchandise

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