Rehabilitation of Fortress Square

The purpose of this project was to restore the memory of the most important city edifice – Church St. Stephen – related to the birth of the Rivulus Dominarum city. Following the archaeological excavations conducted at City Square rehabilitation works could reconstruct the shape and dimensions of the church that have been marked in the floor. Particularly valuable material discovered by archaeologists will be visible in five points that will allow visitors to be informed on the structure and appearance of the building. Inside part of the Stefan’s tower was strengthened and staircase was rehabilitated, bells and clock were restored. Interior spaces can be hostess for various exhibitions. In former lapidary the altar recovery that worked here in the early twentieth century, is finalized now.
During the rehabilitation works two other ecclesiastical buildings were discovered: the Church of St. Catherine and St. Martin Church. Their presence is now restored for the delight of visitors.


Ildiko Mitru, Stefan Paskucz, Ildiko-Maria Moldovan, Petre Mitru, Erika Tima, Marta Popa, Hanna Biru, Nicoleta Ianuli, Adrian Pocol, Laura Stavar, Niculina Pal, Samuel Suciu, Adrian Matioc
Structural engineering: Ciplea Tudor
Electrical: Kocsis Stefan Engineering: Bogdan Catalin
Mechanical: Nitulescu Mihai
Others: Selejan Ildiko, Szabo Anna Civil,
Soil and survey: Herta Valeria
Art: Weisz Attila

Primaria Baia Mare

Year of completion

P-ta Cetatii, Baia Mare, Romania

Site area
5233 m2

Bogdan Petrice, Ovidiu Micsa

Project Partners

OK Atelier s.r.o., MALANG s.r.o.

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