RE ° water

RE water is a specially designed bottle that aims to raise awareness about the importance of clean drinking water in fine dining restaurants, as well as to eliminate single-use plastics and to emphasise the re-use of glass. Water is our source of life, so the bottle represents a quality certificate for water, assuring its high quality, purity and safety for restaurant visitors. The idea that led to the development of this ecological and sustainable glass packaging is social responsibility. The bottle is made from the cleanest glass; a material that can be completely recycled and reused without compromising its quality. The main point of the bottle is its unique punt that takes advantage of the light reflacting in the glass. The punt creates illusion and visual effects that reflect the purity and reflection of the water. It provides the bottle with style, cohesiveness, emphasis and also strengthens the visual impact by bringing out a real aesthetic enjoyment. Due to the optical reflection caused by the punt, the water shimmers when the bottle is moved – just like how water moves in nature.


JRE-Slovenija; Gašper Puhan and Design Studio Hrastnik1860; Tanja Mudrinič


Year of production

Archive of Steklarna Hrastnik and JRE-Slovenija

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