Pure Beauty

Pure Beauty is a beauty center offering facial and body treatment services. Our main concept revolves around capturing purity, predominantly through the use of neutral, soft, and natural colors, materials, and lighting. Additionally, we’ve incorporated acorn-like fixtures, perforated partitions with plants, and a stone sink.

Upon entering, guests encounter an open-plan reception and waiting area, where an office space is delineated using a semi-detached special structure. The remaining space houses four treatment rooms for face, body, and laser treatments, as well as a WC. The overall aesthetic of the space combines neutral shades with natural wood flooring and furniture, complemented by warm lighting, creating a contrast with black metal details. A central glass structure serves as a focal point, featuring a mirror with striped glass and partitions of irregular caissons, which create a pattern and play with reflections and transparency. The treatment rooms adhere to the same philosophy but with an emphasis on a medical element, utilizing monochrome glossy tiles on the floor, white workbenches, and artificial lighting to meet the functional needs of the space. The WC is adorned with sand-colored grout, combined with stone and wood elements.


Decork design studio; Irini Mitta, Marina Papamichali

Pure Beauty

Year of completion

Koropi, Greece

Total area
95 m2

John Bougas

Project Partners

Woodies, Proothisi, Lucciola Lighting

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