The project involved the design & implementation of works for a sizeable villa. The design concept focused on creating a modern-looking home which also provided a warm and welcoming space suitable for contemporary living and entertainment. Our objective was to achieve a strong sense of harmony & consistency in our choice of materials, colors, and design features. Whilst the property is characterized by hard lines and open spaces we emphasized the use of natural materials to create a welcoming and serene environment.

The challenge of having a large open space with only a few dividing walls was overcome by using split flooring, different ceiling levels & finishes, as well as the use of materials, to retain a sense of flow and transparency whilst still distinguishing the respective areas. The play on materials as one walks through the villa provides a delightful experience whereby every corner captures one’s attention through the use of design features that emphasize a sense of consistency and harmony. The end result portrays consistency in the design approach, bringing about a striking home that fulfills its purpose both in terms of design appeal and lifestyle.


Atmosphere Design; Clive Falzon

Stefan Galea

Year of completion

San Gwann, Malta

Total area
500 m2

Peter Pullicino

Project Partners

Atmosphere Design; Clive Falzon, Dominique Falzon

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