Reflex Architecture

Reflex Architecture

As a young and enthusiastic team, we put a lot of passion, energy and joy in all our works, which are both general architecture and interior design, for the private and public sector. We want to put things in terms of ideas in practice, we support clients throughout the project, so that the end result is beautiful, practical and brings a qualitative leap in the use and understanding of space. We like challenges, pretentious and complicated things, we like clients who want more; we are in the service of beauty and we want to change the way of life of each one of our clients through our projects. Each project starts with understanding the lifestyle of those who will use the space, but also with trying to discover their own style. The designed spaces end up being very personalized, having both aesthetic and environmental qualities. We want each project to be unique, different according to the client's personality, to be able to create that oasis of beauty and that extraordinary feeling of "home". Our various works are located both in the capital, Bucharest, and in the country. We want the whole project to be a beautiful experience for both the client and us. Each project has its own story, with new experiences and people and manages to change the initial context in a good direction of prosperity. We believe that change begins with good ideas, responsibility and decisions that bring positivity and new energy.

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