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GCA Wohnbau

GCA Corporate was founded in 2016 by Christian Gibler and Andrea Probst. The company is based in Vienna and employs 15 staff members. We are real estate developers, project developers, architects, construction managers, and general planners, all under one roof, to create living spaces for living beings. We creatively develop all our construction projects in-house, from land acquisition to the development and implementation of sustainable housing concepts. We are dedicated to responsible architecture and aim to construct exclusively sustainable buildings in the future. To achieve this, we blend tradition and innovation, focusing on thoughtful floor plan solutions, efficient building design, renewable energy, eco-friendly materials, and architecture that critically engages with people and places. We think in cycles, from planning to construction. As architects, we are just a small player in a big game. As property developers, we can share this responsibility with the architect. We may not determine the entire work in this role, but our contribution can move and inspire. Not only those directly involved in or commissioning the architecture but also those who move within it. We strive to create architecture that we would be happy to inhabit ourselves.

Name of award and name of awarded project Year of Awards
Callway Best Workspace 23 2023
Big SEE Wood Award - Cabanas Kuchelau 2023
Big SEE Wood Award - Living close to nature 2023

Andrea Probst, an Austrian native, pursued her architectural education at the Vienna University of Technology. She enriched her studies with a stint at UCLA in Los Angeles, culminating in her architecture diploma in 1999. Between 2000 and 2008, she honed her skills as an architect at Ulf Sommer in Bremen. Her remarkable work on the 'House in the Park' project in collaboration with Ulf Sommer earned her recognition from the BDA Prize. Subsequently, Andrea embarked on a journey as a freelance architect in Spain before returning to Vienna in 2016.

Christian Gibler, also hailing from Austria, pursued his studies in social sciences in Vienna and London. His passion for education led him to teach at the PEF Private University of Vienna and the University of Bremen. Since 2014, he has been deeply involved in property development, with a strong commitment to socio-economic and socio-ecological responsibility in the planning process.

Throughout their careers, both Christian Gibler and Andrea Probst have actively engaged in lectures and design activities at the Vienna University of Technology.


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