Living close to nature by the bathing pond – Klosterneuburg

Living close to nature by the bathing pond – Klosterneuburg In a peaceful residential area on the outskirts of Klosterneuburg, 8 modern semi-detached houses are presented in an impressive timber construction. This project combines neighborly coexistence with nature. Surrounded by idyllic sheep pastures and the Eichenhain Nature Park, it creates an ideal retreat. The concept behind these houses is the idea of “living through”. The generous glazing on the two narrow sides of the building allows the integration of the green space into the living and dining areas. The semi-detached houses are constructed using low-energy building methods and utilize ecologically renewable materials such as local wood for the structure and partially the facade. Only the parts of the building in contact with the ground were built with solid materials.


GCA Corporate GmbH; Andrea Probst

Main contractor for wood construction
ELK Bau GmbH

GCA Steinbrunngasse 3400 Errichtungs GmbH

Year of completion

Klosterneuburg, Austria

Total area
1.362 m2

Andrea Rührnschopf

Project partners

MaDou konstrukt: ING GmbH, D.I. Matthias Doubek, AK-Bau: Andreas Kreul, Friedrich Eibl, SA-Energietechnik: Peter Kapeller

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