Located in Oradea, Romania, the Piata9 project, envisioned by interior designer Todor Cosmin, marks the second venture under the Piata9 banner. This ambitious undertaking breathes new life into a historic building with a rich past as a bakery. The proposed project not only preserves the structure’s heritage but also introduces innovative elements, including an internal tour showcasing the bread-making process. The new building is a unique project at the national level, a multifunctional center par excellence. The project includes a restaurant area on the ground floor and a bakery and confectionery area open to the public, with glass walls providing visibility into the baking process. In addition, the space includes a café and a terrace, each offering a unique experience.

The interior design of Piata9 embraces a neotenic aesthetic. The terrace, drawing inspiration from the citadel’s bolts and elements, seamlessly blends old-world charm with contemporary design. Moreover, both the terrace and café boast chairs designed by Todor Cosmin from the Sull collection, adding a touch of sophistication to the space. Out of respect for the heritage core, the entire construction was done by preserving the structure and original values, bestowing upon it the grandeur and prestige it deserves. Located on the site of a former food store, the bakery’s history dates back to the Austrian conquest of the fortress in 1692. Operating for over three centuries, it supplied bread to Biarritz residents until 1997. Today, the bakery focuses on interactive experiences within the Fortress grounds. The current structure, erected under the direction of General Corbelli, stands as a testament to the fortress’s enduring legacy and the ongoing evolution of the Piata9 project.


Todor Studio


Year of completion

Oradea, Romania

George Negrea

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