Permanent Exhibit, J. A. Comenius Museum

The visual concept is based on the simplicity of the contrast between old and new, white and black. Its creators made clear boundaries between the historic museum and the elements of the exhibition. Entrance to the exhibition is through a black tunnel. One walks inside it past different openings. The exhibits they present focus on Comenius´s legacy, the era in which he lived, and the significance of his ideas for humanity. The second part of the Exhibit focuses on Comenius´ faith. A former defense tower has been transformed into an exhibition about his most famous book The Labyrinth of the World and the Paradise of the Heart. The black room is dominated by a white 3D model of the labyrinth of the world, created on the basis of Comenius’ drawings. Scenes from the book are projected onto the model from four projectors. The last part is dedicated to his pedagogical, theological and philosophical work. In the adjacent printing workshop, visitors can make their own prints on postcards or bookmarks. The final part is devoted to the scholar´s legacy. It shows how his work has been differently interpreted. The futuristic metal cladding separates the space out visually.


Horalik Atelier + A77; Tomas Horalik, Denisa Kyselicova, Daria Sayapina, Zdenek Bures

J. A. Comenius Museum

Year of completion

Uhersky Brod, Czech Republic

Total area
350 m2

Martin Zeman

Project Partners

Graphics: Mga. Ondrej Zamis, Contractor: Mga. T. Skalik/Art Consultancy, S. R. O., Acoustics: Aveton, S. R. O., Multimedia: St.dio S. R. O., Jan Urbanec, Mgr. Ales Kapsa

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