Palcoscenico Urbano – Urban Stage, Clusone

This iconic new gym represents a privileged multipurpose venue for local sports activities. In facts it includes an indoor sports facility, equipped with all the spaces necessary for the performance of competitive activities and a multipurpose outdoor area fully equipped for physical activity and events. The iconic element of this project is the yellow cave, a strong formal gesture that bursts into the regular volume of the building. This concave volume has a double value: both a welcoming shelter from the outside and a sculptural element reaching out to the playing field from the inside. Therefore, the yellow cave contributes to build an ideal trait d’union between the inside and the outside, making this building also an iconic urban stage for outdoor events. The almost completely wooden structure and the very high energy performance make this gym a sustainable and cutting-edge building. Besides, the exposed laminated wood beams give way more dynamism to the all interior spaces.


Settanta7 Studio associato

Comune di Clusone (BG)

Year of completion

Clusone (BG), Italy

Fabio Bascetta

Project Partners

Project group
Settanta7 Studio Associato, Marchetti Rossi Ing., Sistema Group Engineering Srl, Ing. Walter Moniaci, Arch. Francesca Cordero, Ing. Margherita Mazzoni

Other contractors
Real Casa Building Srl, Electric Srl, Mozzone Building System Srl

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