Repower Bags

Five bags for the power cables of electric car batteries to be stored in the load compartment of the vehicle. According to the position foreseen for the cable, the bags differ in organized models, with the guided positioning of the cable, and container, for a less constrained cable insertion. They are all water-repellent. thanks to a nano-technological post-moulding treatment on both the internal and external surfaces and each bag can be completely disassembled for total recyclability. The use of recycled and reusable ecological materials gives the product variations in the colours that makes it stand out when compared to standardized ones and thus becomes an added value feature, the result of cultural change.
Themeformable poser fel, l ming fully reliable per upen and su pobeter tekn polyester mesh fabric
Thermoforming with single feure aluminium moulds (shell); post-moulding water repellent treatment, the dimensional die-cutting heut transfer for the positioning of logos and customizations
404 x 960 x 400 (h) mm (bag 01)/ 366 x 127 x 390 (b) mm (bag 02) / 455 x 122× 395 h) mm (b03) 411 x 136 x 364 (h) mm/ (bag 04) 383 x 140 x 231 h mm (bag 05)
Design model parent pending


Makio Hasuike & Co s.r.l, Italy

REV S.R.L., Italy

Year of production

Makio Hasuike & Co s.r.l, Italy

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