OŠ Vera Miščević, Belegiš

What separates Belegiš and its image from other similar places in Vojvodina is the proximity of Danube. New school building represents a built structure that does not stop the influence of the river but lets it trough in and allows it to expand further. On one side, human influence is clearly visible, and on the other, the influence of the river is clear – streets start imitating the river and dictating the environment. Special attention is paid to users with disabilities, so ramps and platforms for overcoming obstacles are present in the design process from the initial phase. Seven entrances to the building open the option for different units to function separately, which can be useful in pandemic conditions. Responsibility of designing educational institutions is reflected in overcoming the framework of given project task – architecture sent a strong message of importance of the profession, its influence and social role.


Danilo Grahovac, Ivana Mijailović, Jovanka Gojković

Municipality of Stara Pazova, Republic of Serbia

Year of completion

Belegiš, Stara Pazova, Serbia

Total area
3.145,14 m2

Site area
8.738,65 m2

Boško Karanović

Project Partners

Kej doo, Valjevo

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