Office Halle 01 Redesign Welser Profile Austria

3 departments, 55 employees but only 38 workstations… How is that possible? Through #NewWork!, a good mix of home office, factored-in vacation and sick days, meetings, and desk-sharing, supported by thoughtful design, functionality, and layout, it is possible to reduce unused workstations and thus save resources in construction and operation.

By modernizing and renovating the existing 500 m2 office space, a modern NewWork office was implemented, in which open work zones, private areas, as well as “telephone booths” and various meeting situations, best support the NewWork Live! Through workshops with the core team of future users, among other things, #Gustav was extensively tested for the accommodation of personal belongings and integrated into the concept as best as possible, as well as design and requirements coordinated!


Dominik Gladik

Welser Profile Austria GmbH

Year of completion

Gresten, Austria

Total area
525 m2

GOA Gaigg Werbung; Thomas Gaigg, weinfranz Fotografie; Franz Wein

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