Office Building Rathausstraße 1 – BUWOG Headquarter, Vienna

The design won an open international architecture competition in 2013. The concept envisages the integration of an urban office building into a historical environment while taking a distinctive and contemporary approach. Although manifesting as a freestanding monolithic building, a perceptual grid interacts with its context. The development out of the analytical parameter-trio: depth, material and detailing is most prominently reflected in the outer façade cladding. The Arcade, mezzanine, main and attic floors translate gradations of the Wilhelminian style houses – not last in its immediate surroundings. Large storey heights, attractive rooms and a sophisticated façade depart from the premise of creating a long-lasting building, which could also accommodate adaptations. On the inside, a generous central foyer expands towards the inner courtyard lying above by a glass roof. The office-wings are structured by a flexible layout that can be used as an open plan or for cell offices. The climatically favourable double facade improves the individual comfort by openable windows.


Schuberth und Schuberth / Stadler Prenn / Ostertag


Year of completion

Vienna, Austria

Total area
8.880 m2 above ground
1.220 m2 underground

Site area
3.763 m2

Christoph Panzer

Project Partners

Atelier Heiss ZT GmbH, Gmeiner & Haferl Zivilingenieure ZT GmbH, AFC Aluminium Fassaden Consulting GmbH / MDE Metal Design Engineering GmbH, Lindle + Bukor atelier für Landschaft, Podgorschek & Podgorschek Lighting Design OEG, TB Ing. Heiling GesmbH, Strabag AG (Direktion AR), Metallica Stahl– und Fassadentechnik GmbH, mirrorINOX GmbH & Co. KG, NBK Keramik GmbH, FDT GmbH, Schüco, Peneder Holding GmbH, feco Systeme GmbH, Schindler Elevator Corporation, Regent, Flos, Santa& Cole, Vibia, Louis Poulsen, Occhio, Prolicht, Tobias Grau, Tar-getti, Kreon, XAL, Zumtobel, Erco, Schrutek, Wever & Ducre, Niefergall Leuchten-Manifaktur, Autled, Proled, Schrutek, Desso Field, Weitzer Parkett, Admonter Parkett, Apavisa Feinstein, Hansgrohe, Rosskopf und Partner, Franke, Wittmann, Carpet Sign, Pode, Fritz Hansen, +Halle, Zeitraum, Menu, Artek, Moroso, Anna Prinzhorn, Cassina, Kvadrat, Lammhults, &tradition, Vitra, Lampert, Prostoria, Knoll Inter-national, Viteo

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