Observation Point Varna Beach, Varna

Observation Point Varna Beach is a renovation project of urban public square and pedestrian area next to the Black Sea coastline in Varna, Bulgaria.
Prior to the transformation, the space was occupied by small-sized temporary constructions, forming a structure that blocked access from the alley to the sea. The design restores an urban pause which allows for a natural transition between key sites in the Sea Garden (Rock Garden and Wish Bridge) and the shoreline.
The square is marked by a pergola bridging the adjacent buildings and visually framing the view of the sea. Stylistically reminiscent of 1960s’ modernism, it makes direct reference to the park initially designed then. It consists of two zones: three descending terraces with seating area in white concrete and a ramp covered in Siberian larch lamellae on removable steel structure declining towards the beach with balcony over the waterline.

What makes this project one-of-a-kind?
The square space has unique location between Black Sea coast and the park of Sea garden, surrounded by 1960’s modernistic context and close to the urban heart of Varna. It captures the attention of visitors by its delicate charm perfect for sea view pictures.


Arhis; Georgi Bachev, Dobrinka Petkova

Lazuren Briag 91 EOOD

Year of completion

Varna, Bulgaria

Total area
1.300 m2


Project Partners

ConstruMat 2000 OOD

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