ÖBB Parkdeck Jenbach

The structural realization of this 450 “parking space sized” building started in 2020 and already 1 year later the parking deck could be completed thanks to all involved parties. On 6 levels, 450 covered car parking spaces including e-charging stations, family and women’s parking spaces, parking spaces for people with limited mobility and an additional 155 covered bicycle parking spaces are available for public transport customers. For an additional 71 bicycle enthusiasts, there is parking in the covered outdoor area directly adjacent to the parking deck, where 19 single-track vehicles can also be parked protected from the weather. The entire area around the parking deck and its development is designed to be barrier-free. A green roof and a dissolved aluminum façade lend the large structure a kind of lightness. Also inside the building the classical parking deck character was taken away by bright roadway coatings and colored markings.


Meissl Architects; Gordon Grusdat, Alexander Meissl

ÖBB Infrastruktur AG

Year of completion

Jenbach, Austria

Innfocus Photography; Jean-Stéphane Mus

Project Partners

IBPA Passegger Ingenieure Ziviltechniker

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