Niki Loft, Milano

Niki loft, home of a comic book collector. The project resulted from a pragmatic renovation and expansion of a 60sqm apartment on Milano Navigli as well as a sectional reflection that completely reinterprets the existing architectural container. The creation of a duplex level, obtained from a partial demolition of the attic floor, derives from the need to expand the surface to 95sqm with the aim of organizing new domestic dynamics in a more efficiently way. The project aims to identify a new distribution system amplified by its new prospective accelerations capable of making explicit a new correspondence of its intended use. A bent sheet staircase becomes space for storage and vertical connection to the new bridge in black steel, glass and orange metal mesh. Contrasting colors where black, like the dark night and the mist and orange create a dreamlike reality aimed at evoking the atmosphere of the comics and their reality, where we the strangers things can succeed. A story that is not a story to see it well. More specifically, a sign that intransigently marks the three-dimensional space of the duplex volume, marking the new distribution axis on both floors. This suspended tape is therefore not limited to connecting the new media library and reading room, it becomes an exhibition, storage and consultation “space” for the collections. The soft and hospitable general chromatic variation welcomes the intransigence of the new architectural gesture materially traced by the chromatic contrasts at the base of which consists a language that seeks formal purity. A magnet around which the various domestic functions are connected.


Enrico Muscioni architect


Year of completion

Milano, Italy

Total area
95 m2

Andrea Martiradonna

Project Partners

Filipucci Home Design, Dada kitchen Highlline, Vitra, Sofà Reef + James b. Bed Flex team, Velaria Rimadesio, Arredare 26, Arkè ambienti, Fantini Fontane Bianche, Decolife Marchini Marco, Tecno Stucchi di Romeo Salvatore, Renzo Serafini

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