New Miramonti Onsen Pool, Hafling

Forest, warmth, rest and relaxation, the Japanese have celebrated the healing arts of these very things for centuries. The Onsen Pool in the Boutique Hotel Miramonti combines nature, silence and clarity in this time honoured way.
The steep, rocky plot, the harsh environment and the short distance to other structures of the hotel complex, made it a difficult task, to insert the pool in a way to make it feel naturally landed as a element that belonges there. And it was just as demanding to find an orientation of the pool that actually gives you a wide open view on the far sight panorama and the relaxing element of the nearby forrest.
Built by local craftsmen, using exposed concrete, wooden cladding and local stone, it brings together two worlds: Japanese bathing and alpine recreation. Solid safety of South Tyrolean porphyry stone and weightless floating in warm water.


Tara; Heike Pohl, Andreas Zanier

Boutique Hotel Miramonti

Year of completion

Hafling, Italy

Total area
160 m2

Site area
4.775 m2

Tiberio Sorvillo, Markus Ruf, Klaus Alber

Project Partners

Eurobeton 2000 GmbH, Zimmerei Plank, Moriggl GmbH, Eggarter- Hütter OHG, Winkler GmbH, Fuchs AG

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