Hotel Prinz Rudolf

Above Merano, the Hotel Prinz Rudolf, with 78 rooms and 4 suites, was realized in 2020. It consists out of a restaurant and bar on the ground floor, a wellness area with infinity pool and a green rooftop. The project “Prinz Rudolf” represents an architecture that rises from the history & morphology of the location, combining both themes into a modern concept for a smart hotel. The hotel Prinz Rudolf owes its name from the Crown Prince of Austria and Hungary, son of the Austrian Empress Sissy and her husband Emperor Franz Joseph, who got lost in the surrounding woods during an excursion and was found near the hotel. The theme of prince Rudolf is omnipresent in the hotels interior design, starting from the combination of black and gold up to the chandeliers. This revocation of an aristocratic environment into a contemporary style, creates a unique character that characterizes the hotels interior design. Also, the building with its curved lines, uses all the natural features of the landscape to create the illusion of melting with the landscape. Under the roof are different levels that reflect the landscape through their glass facade.


DEAR Studio; Gschnell Manuel

Hotel Prinz Rudolf – Cavagna Diego

Year of completion

Merano, Italy

Total area
7.100 m2

Site area
4.417 m2

Davide Perbellini

Stage 180°

Project Partners

Alessio Corradin – Flooring, Alex Rossi – fire alarm system and cameras, Artluce GmbH – ground floor wave lamp/reception lamps/restaurant chain light/E27 light bulb sockets in the PT corridor, Audiovisions des Klaus Ennemoser – Audio, Entertainment conference room, Bergamo srl – Chimneys, Burggräfler Spenglerei d. Robert Raich & Co. KG – Sheet metal work, Decor Srl Paint – Concrete surfaces, Concrete floor treatment, Domolift Elevatooori Srl – Lifts, Doormatic Sas – Automatic doors, Dorelan – Mattresses, Edelstahlpol Andreas Krebs – Swimming pools, Edilblu di Iannello Claudio – Black resin, Edyna – Medium voltage supply, Electro Malleier – TV and mini beamer, Elektro A. Haller OHG – Electrical installation, lamp assembly, home automation, SAT, digital terrestrial, fire prevention, Erlacher GmbH – toilet partitions, fixed furniture ground floor, fixed furniture spa, Eurobeton 2000 GmbH – building work, external arrangement, Fuchs AG – tiles, Fuchs Technik GmbH – bike hooks, Girardi Termosanitari s.n.c. – plumbing work, boiler, Grandimpianti Noselli – kitchen, laundry, cold stores, Gufler Hubert GmbH – technical shelving, Gufler Innenausbau OHG – standard room furniture, cavity linings, Haas GmbH – entrance carpet, Heizungsservice Mitterhofer Dietmar – boiler technician, Holzbau Brida GmbH – wooden wings, exterior wood cladding, Hotex Textil GmbH – curtains, cushions, quayside cladding, ICEPI – lift testing, Icit-Software GmbH – Srl Orderman system, Kerum vGmbH – chairs, Larcher KG – access control, barrier, door cylinders, safe, Led-tec d. M & A Ohg all Diffus Flure LED strips/saunas/outside/inside, Lichtstudio Eisenkeil GmbH all E14/27 LED lamps, LED lamps and dimmers, Madera – Sauna & Wellness saunas, Metall Ritten GmbH – glass facade, metal doors, handrails, metal stairs, Neogy – electric car charging station, New Brand d. Bassanetti Alexander – wall lettering, stickers, room number, other spa lettering, New Project Srl – plasterboard, black false ceiling ground floor, Pooltec SP – swimming pool technology, Progress AG – precast concrete elements, Projektleuchten GmbH – lamps: downlights/wallwashers/gold ball ring lamps/outdoor (poles, tree lights)/PRO300 conference room lights, Prolicht GmbH – Lamps, Rasenfix GmbH – vegetable soil, grass, plants, black gravel, irrigation, Rollo Solar Melichar GmbH – pool roll, Sanika – bathroom standard rooms, Saxalber KG – kitchen hoods, Schönhuber Franchi Spa – spa deckchairs, Selectionstyle – room lamps “Harrison junior”/Reading lights in rooms and spa, Stuga KG – plant regulation software, Systems GmbH – pc and printers, Telmekom Networks – wifi network and telephones, Termocenter KG – sanitary facilities, Tischlerei Amegg OHG – suite furniture, Tischlerei Telser OHG – wooden doors, Trias OHG – standard chairs and furniture, Vision Srl – minibar and hairdryer

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