The installation, positioned in the radial niche within the lobby of Amarin hotel in Rovinj, is a hybrid of Net and Tuft concepts. A deep blue carpet, covering the floors and walls of the cubicle, blends with the transparent ultramarine nets stretched across the reclusive area connected in a way to enable climbing two levels up. The person inside the installation floats between the lobby and the glass facade, catching glimpses of the sea, sky and greenery outside. This permanent installation functions as a continual heterotopia within the hotel space. The all-enveloping thick carpet creates an sound-absorbent environment akin to an effect of the anechoic chamber.








Authors: Numen/ForUse, Studio Up
Photos: Numen/ForUse
Client: Maistra
Year of completion: 2016
Location: Rovinj, Croatia
Surface: 220 m2


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