Nest Box by BIVAK

Supplementing concrete utility poles with B-type nest boxes.
In Hungary it is common to perforate utility poles in order to reduce their weight. Human intervention often appears on the mass erosion. Regularly the holes in reachable height can be used as trashcan, shelf or bilboard.The nestbox placed in 2 meters height is an intervention which allows nature to connect with an infrastructural element, giving it a new function.
We can differentiate 4 types of nest boxes by the size and the shape of entrance hole (A,B,C,D). The B-type nest box is the most widespread for common species of inhabited regions (sparrow, tit). The shape of the box should allow easy emptying and cleaning.
Nest box designed by BIVAK can be stabilized by twisting its leg. The pole is the extension of the nest box functioning as a roof. Inserting the box causes no harm in the utility pole and does not change its condition or function. It can be taken out and cleaned easily by twisting the leg. The surface of the durable material (acacia) is treated with oil to sustain the weather conditions. 3 prototypes were placed in Budapest waiting for the nesting season.


BIVAK studio Ltd.; Tamás Máté & Áron Vass-Eysen


Year of production

Yanep Lust

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