Nature Eco Residences Santorini

Nature Eco Residences is located in the island of Santorini (Thíra), hidden on a steep slope of Akrotiri. It follows a philosophy that is born out of the respect for natural materials utilizing raw concrete, stone and wood. A unique “back to basics” design concept has been achieved, by reviving and merging the traditional elements of local architecture with a bold industrial aesthetic, offering welcoming and cozy spaces full of natural light in complete harmony with the surrounding. Red and black stone, along with masonry mortar in natural tones are highlighted through the distinctive volumes that compose the complex unit entirety. The space layout has been configure in such a way that is structured so that privacy is not disturbed, there is an unobstructed view of the Greek sea and the spaces of the pool, the restaurant and the yoga retreats are developed around the main building. The overall configuration is such that guest privacy in never disturbed, views to the Aegean Sea remain unobstructed while the spaces of the pool, restaurants and yoga retreats develop around the main building. Moving inside one can witness the “quiet design” at its very best, with earthy shades, handcrafted furniture, linear patterns and elegant curves in shades of white. Inside, this style is in full swing through the application of a soft color palette and natural fabrics that create bright spaces attracting the attention to the awe-inspiring beauty of Caldera. The interior styling also revolves around the Greek traditions with antique household items made of wood, marble and metal finding their place in the quiet atmosphere that the spaces emanate. Rooms are 25-60 sqm in size, overlooking the Aegean sea, with the majority featuring a private outdoor Jacuzzi. The infinity residences of 60 sqm in size, are embedded into the rock formations of the terrain and are comprised of a bedroom, Jacuzzi bathroom and enjoy wonderful panoramic views of the island.


Giorgos Zafiriou, Dimitris Loukas

Pantelis Chadoulis

Santorini, Greece

Year of completion

Total area
600 m2

Site area
1000 m2

Project Partners

Novamon Development Construction, Pan-Tex Constructions, Aluminox, Coco-Mat, Fousteris, Varelas, Sanco, Placed, Kaykas, Novamix, Prowood, Collezione Imports, Darzentas Pools, Chatziparasoglou, Kamarinos Design, Mitris Metal Construction

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