Multipurpose Lamella – Extension of the Faculty of Electronics in Niš

The Multipurpose Lamella represents an extension of the existing Electronic Faculty building in Niš, forming a cohesive functional unit. The concept is shaped by integrating various influential factors, with an emphasis on the new architecture reflecting the existing one. The new structure follows the volume and composition of the existing building, creating a harmonious unity. However, through the facade treatment featuring randomly arranged panels and glass, the new structure suggests a modern aesthetic and contemporary spirit.


Teking Architecture; Slaviša Kondić, Mirko Stanimirović, Milan Tanić, Vojislav Nikolić, Miljana Ignjatović, Milan Brzaković, Biserka Jovanović, Andrija Čolović, Marija Marinković, Nemanja Ranđelović, Marija Nikolić

Faculty of Electronics in Niš

Year of completion

Niš, Serbia

Total area
7.051,99 m2

Site area
31.308 m2

Miloš Martinović, Mladen Jovanović

Project Partners

WD Concord West, Alumil, Modulor, Zumtobel

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