Mozaic bar, Thessaloniki

The Mozaic Bar is a mosaic of different materials, textures and colors that, while maintaining their contrasts, blend into a harmonious whole. The central element of the space is the trapezoid shaped bar, which in combination with the design of the flooring overturns the building’s rectangularity. Marble, wood and metal alternate on this central element, creating a game of folds and colors. Pieces of black and white marble as well as wood, draw a diagonal on the floor which connects the entrance of the bar to the stair hall leading to the attic. The arches that frame the stair hall and also the columns are covered with gray mosaic which slides on the floor unifying the different materials forming it. The openings on the facade of the attic, with their special shape and intense burgundy frame, come to overturn its classic pattern. Finally, the velvet lounge with its earthy tones, the wooden floor and the special blue pattern on the ceiling is the warmest point of the bar and a strong background that highlights the composition as a whole.

What makes this project one-of-a-kind?
Its spirit – materiality.


Ark4lab; George Tyrothoulakis, Evdokia Voudouri, Papakostas Giannis

N. Vavdinoudis, Ch. Dimitriou,

Year of completion

Thessaloniki, Greece

Site area
120 m2

Project Partners

Rizakos, Tsiklioti, Mexil, Lightcookie, Ikofarben

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