Inotropes Boutique Suites

The project concerns the renovation of a two-story traditional building located within the settlement of Archanes in Heraklion, Crete. The studio’s goal was to restore and transform the building into a Boutique Hotel. The name of the hotel Inotropes was chosen symbolically by the owner. The Inotropes according to Ancient Greek Mythology were the daughters of Anios, king of Delos and Dorippi and granddaughters of the god Dionysus, who had given them the magical ability to turn water into wine and anything else they wanted into wheat and olives. Thus, the rooms on the first floor are named Ino the woman who brings the wine, Spermo, the woman who brings the seeds and Elais, the woman who brings the oil. On the ground floor are the common areas, namely the reception – cellar, with a sitting area and fireplace and the dining room and the other three rooms of the hotel, which were given the names mentioned above, Dorippi, the wife of Anios and the name of the son of Dionysos, Staphilos as well as Anios, a room which was designed outside the building complex, free in the inner courtyard.


Agapi Kazamia

Efi Malliaraki

Year of completion

Crete, Greece

Total area
480 m2

Site area
275 m2

George Thalassinos

Project Partners

Furniture and Lighting Design: Agapi Kazamia, External Design of Views and Outdoor Spaces: Agapi Kazamia, Lighting Study: Agapi Kazamia, Tsakirelis, J., – EIR. Gonianaki O.E. “L’Esclusivo”, Design Study Team: Agapi Kazamia, Malamatenia Kouroupaki (3D Design), Eleftheria Spyridaki (2D Design), License Engineer: Regina Chondroiannoglou, Electromechanical Study: Thomas Viskadourakis, Dimitrios Adamakis, Mechanical Study: Vlahakis Ioannis, Construction:
Texnotent Nathenas, Stavrakakis Emmanouil, Georgios Tzorakoleftherakis, Tsakirelis – Tsakirelis Fos Epiplo, Feggo, Odysseas Tsamantiotis, AFOI Vogiatzi OE, ALFA STEGI construction OE Christakis – Charonitis

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