MoonRun is an IOT aerobic fitness trainer. It is a portable, exciting, healthy and affordable alternative to the cumbersome, monotonous and expensive treadmills, ellipticals and stationary bicycles which currently dominate the indoor aerobic exercise ecosystem. At 1.1Kg and fitting easily into a sports bag, MoonRun can be used in any room with a hinged door and kept in a drawer. Exercise at home or at work and maintain your routine seamlessly during travel or vacation. As MoonRun connects to any indoor running and active gaming app, it serves as an endless platform of addictive and gamified stimulation. Like surfing and snowboarding, MoonRunning is fun and difficult to stop. Besides the pleasant feel of elevation during movement, MoonRuns upward elastic pull physically uplifts the body and protects the joints and muscles. This allows to train harder while keeping the body healthy. As a rehabilitation tool it speeds up musculoskeletal recovery as well as cardiovascular capacity. Additionally, MoonRun’s full-body movements are natural, versatile and balanced. MoonRun is embedded with movement sensors to provide an immersive ‘outside’​ experience including running at a self-set pace while naturally jumping squatting and turning. This and other information like distance and calories-burned are transferred by BLE to running multimedia apps and games. MoonRun compatible apps are available on Android, IOS, PC, Mac OS, Tizen and VR. MoonRun is shaping the next generation of aerobic experiences, fusing a portable plug-n-play urban-running device with an endless multimedia platform.


Taga, Israel

Taga, Israel

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