Reverso, Fractional RF Device

Reverso is a Fractional RF device, offering highly efficient, patient-tailored skin resurfacing. The device incorporates several innovative technological solutions, all intended to guarantee optimal clinical results while maintaining the utmost safety. Reverso offers an advanced and intuitive user interface, designed to optimize both user experience and clinical results. The device is controlled by a main touch screen, as well as a touch panel on the applicator. To enable smart and convenient use of the product, we conducted user research and examined the form of the product and the choice of materials. Following the intensive research process, we develop game-changing concepts for an exceptional product. The design supported the friendly interfaces we developed – a main touch screen and an easy-to-use applicator with a touch interface. At the same time, the asymmetrical design and diagonal lines posed a not-so-simple challenge to manufacture. It required a special and challenging design of molds for production that ultimately led to a groundbreaking product.


Yoram Pony LTD,; Yoram Pony, Israel

Intelis Instruments Ltd., Israel

Year of production

Elad Brami

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