Modern log house interior near Brdy

Modern living in the forest – with the smell of wood, all the comforts and wild animals in the garden. This is our exemplary new construction of a modern log house in the style of 4 Elements Living. Its simple volume meekly fits among the mature trees and does not rise above any of them. Generous windows connect the inner life with the outer, the cultivated elegant space with the naturally wild and unpredictable. The owners wanted to live closer to nature so that they no longer had to look forward only to trips on weekends or vacations. And so their every day begins with a view of the treetops with the distant silhouette of the city. The assignment was to create a place for family living and work. We have therefore laid out the space in such a way that it offers comfortable living for a large family and at the same time sufficient privacy for all members, whether they are playing or working. The entire wooden structure consists of two units: the first consists of a living room with a kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a separate toilet, while in the second part, there is a separately accessible space with a bathroom, two offices and a kitchen.



Year of completion

Mníšek pod Brdy, Czech Republic

Total area
235,6 m2

Jiří Beran

Project Partners

2MAD Building, Welsch interiér, Komfort+

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