Miraggio Bar & Restaurant

The ‘Miraggio’ is a bar-restaurant situated on the picturesque beach of the Corinthian Gulf. The 1.200 m2 plot allows for a design that prioritizes views of the sea. Functions such as the kitchen, toilets, and storage are housed within the 107 m2 building, leaving ample space for the pool, seating, and bar area.

Tables positioned by the pool allow patrons to enjoy views of the water, with pathways leading to the beach. The decor, featuring wood, reeds, fabric, and sandy-toned cement, creates a summery ambiance. Comfortable seating, distinguished by its unique appearance, is shaded by pergolas. Adjacent to the pool, a deck furnished with cushions provides a bridge-like sensation. Selective lighting is employed to preserve the view of the Mediterranean sky at night. Characterized by a minimalist design, the entrance to the space is notably elegant.


Giannis Papakyriakos

Oikonomou Konstantinos

Year of completion

Corinth, Greece

Total area
1.000 m2

Giannis Papakyriakos

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