Milestone Office, Sofia

The requirement was to have a large public zone with a café and conference center; open-space working areas; flexible conference rooms; and technical and storage area with restricted access. As a visitor, when you enter the Milestone office, you are welcomed at the reception and guided into the bright lounge area. To the left you can find the cafeteria and to the right – the conference rooms, both separated with retractable glass partitions that, if needed, can be hidden into the furniture walls, thus creating a large party/cocktail/event area.
Next to the entrance are located the eight phone booths that can accommodated up to 4 people each – with sound-absorbing walls and ceiling and a themed poster-print on the back wall. Across the hall are the management offices – open to welcome a business meeting or a team discussion.
Next are the employee-only and restricted areas which offer spacious open-plan working areas and divided by see-through furniture walls with incorporated abundant storage space. The coffee corners and small kitchen areas are spread throughout the office, as well as the more private meeting rooms.
The graphic design is also done by SKICA. It uses the corporate colors and serves also as a delicate visual barrier between the different spaces – at times completely transparent or frosted to offer privacy, but always keeping the views to the Mountain and the city open.


Elitsa Panayotova, Miryana Krasteva

Milestone Systems Bulgaria

Year of completion

Sofia, Bulgaria

Total area
3.000 m2

Minko Minev

Project Partners

SKLADA, Euromebel, IKIS Studio Light, dormakaba, Decor Floor Romania, Knauf Bulgaria EOOD, Atia Print Bulgaria

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