Atlantis Residence Park, Burgas

Atlantis Residence Park is located in an environment with perennial vegetation. Basic idea of siting is to preserve valuable tree species. The investor concept is to create security and comfort in a gated complex with an emphasis on landscaping and organizing a theme parks environment. The situation of the building is harmoniously inscribed in the adjacent park. All existing perennial plant species are preserved. The facade is segmented into three structures visually reproducing separate buildings and two floor levels are combined in one module. The vision is a composition of white, symbolizing the seashore and a woody texture, symbolizing chestnut trees.

What makes this project one-of-a-kind?
The concept of space and location of the building is to preserve all perennial plant species. The shape, facade and materials correspond to the existing chestnut trees.


Spacemode studio; Asen Ignatov, Militsa Petrova, Dimitur Tsvetkov

Atlantis Bulgaria Holding

Year of completion

Burgas, Bulgaria

Total area
13 944 m2

Evgeni Dinev

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