Magnum Opus

There is a project in Osijek with 2×3 exclusive apartments. Our investor named it Magnum Opus, which means masterpiece. Well, the name is a sign, so we tried to design it to be just like the name says. Each apartment, with 3 bedrooms and a spacious living room, has a terrace, garden, parking spot, and a garage. The sleeping area is organized towards the north, while the living area of the apartments, which extends to the external areas of gardens and terraces, is organized towards the south side.

In addition to functional, comfortable, and excellently equipped apartments, what gives the building its distinctiveness is a special membrane made of aluminum pearl gold lamellas. It allows residents to see without being seen from the outside, yet to be seen because of the architecture with signature.


Rechner architects; Predrag Rechner, Bruno Rechner


Year of completion

Osijek, Croatia

Total area
1.357 m2

Site area
1.178 m2

Stojcic Multimedia Studio

Project Partners

Contractor: IGMA d.o.o.

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