Magico Radiator

It is aimed to create an aesthetic effect by capturing a tactile and visual integrity on the user with its elegant harmony with the radiator gold and white named Magico, and its naive rounded form. It must be suitable for its intended use and its functions work without errors. The product should not only have its own features but also the features required by the usage environment, it should be compatible with other objects in terms of color, material and form. It is expected that Magico will add difference to the spaces with its plain yet rich structure that disrupts the ordinaryness. part of anodized paint is used. Slice width is 120 mm, slice thickness is 39 mm. Maximum working pressure is 10 bar, maximum working temperature is 95 degrees C.


Pelinkolatdesignstudio; Pelin Kolat, Turkey

Carisa Radiator, Turkey

Year of production

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