Lookout tower Vysoké Pole

The newly built lookout tower is located in the southern part of the Village of vysoké pole in the zlín region near the díly hill. There is a newly built cycling path leading to it. It does not stand on any significant mountain peak, nor is it overwhelming in height or complexity. Rather the location of the lookout tower and its size are connected to the Construction of a new dam called the “Vlachovice Waterworks” being built in the surrounding Valley. When completed, this dam will flood the entire visible valley and the lookout tower will Offer a brilliant view of it in the future. The 15-metre-high structure will mainly attract visitors to observe the captivating landscape the area has to offer and provide a splendid view of the construction of the Vlachovice waterworks, due to be completed in 2030.


m.aus architects; Ondřej Zámečník

Main contractor for wood construction
Ondřej Novotný

Municipality Vysoké Pole

Year of completion

Vysoké Pole, Czech Republic

Total area
16 m2

Julius Filip

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