Lonya wall lamp

Rethinking flexibility in the field of lighting design focused to offer a wall lamp for limited dwelling homes that can be moved from one corner of the apartment to another when needed. Lonya wall lamp concept is to avoid spending resources and people’s habits shaped around accumulation of objects. The goal is to save resources and design an object in balance with the circular economy giving the user the possibility to replace a piece of the product if broken or recycle the natural materials when no longer in use. A product of high-end craftsmanship and constructed only of wooden joints allows the user to assemble or disassemble the lamp within seconds. The rotation offers directional light when opened or ambient light if rotated to the wall and together with the elegantly curved veneers focuses the light source only on the needed surface providing intimacy for the user.


Dea Beatovikj

Dea Beatovikj, North Macedonia

Year of production

Aleksandar Vishemirski

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