Drop radiator collection

Zavar Design represents original, mostly handcrafted products and projects known for pushing boundaries of the artisans work and giving metal new dimensions and beauty. Zavar Design collections are life-line stories, stemming from personal experience or shared passions: they are expression of attitude, style and lure. Drop collection is one more Life Lines unique story born with transformation of jewelry collection of Macedonian designer Jana Acevska into a radiator collection. Basic idea of this collection is to combine the 11 basic drop forms in uncountable combinations where everyone will be able to have customized and unique piece of heating art. Three drop forms were designed as a base for collection with three different dimensions which fit one into another. The two biggest dimensions of each form are radiators made of stainless steer or copper. The original filigree design was kept and transformed into a pipe radiator.


Studio KAPKA; Jana Acevska, Marta Naumovska Grnarova

Zavar Company, Macedonia

Year of production

Kire Galevski, Vase Petrovski Amanito

I think

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