The Austrian architects .MEGATABS have a lot of experience in the adaptation of old buildings and existing structures. In this specific case, a house with loft character was created from a former farmstead. On several floors, divided into living, sleeping and retreat areas, people now live and work with elements designed from high-quality materials and minimalist fixtures. The garden house on the same property also accomodates a fitness room and sauna with a view of the greenery. The wine cellar has also been revitalized and can now be used for gatherings. The floor plan in the living area was deliberately designed open and without limiting walls. The levels are dominated by a box of spectacular green marble and black oak wood, inserted through the floors. Depending on the level, it contains the bathroom, kitchen, stairs or wardrobe. Large industrial style steel framed windows connect the interior spaces to the garden and allow plenty of natural light throughout the day. The clinker facade is characteristic for the region and integrates the building optimally into the neighborhood. In the uppermost part is a library gallery, which gives a view of the open wooden roof truss.


MEGATABS architekten ZT GmbH; Ela Vidanovic; Anja Krnetic


Year of completion

Vienna, Austria

Total area
250 m2

Jenny Koller

Project Partners

MCN Projektentwicklung GmbH; Josef Göbel GmbH

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