MEGATABS architekten ZT GmbH

MEGATABS architekten ZT GmbH

.MEGATABS architects are Daniel Hora and a great team that works interdisciplinary in the core areas of architecture, design and graphics, whereby the size of a project does not matter. Established in 2003, the range of projects extends from urban master plans to school and residential buildings and further to shop architecture and furniture construction. Every new task whether "MEGA" - large or "TABS" - small is a challenge for us that we fortunately accept. Above all, it is important to us to work closely with the client to create together one of a kind.

For us, good architecture means recognizing the potential of individual circumstances and using it for the project, always focusing on people as users. We see it as our responsibility to bring architecture closer to people and to convey the possibilities of good architecture.

We see architecture competitions as an opportunity to clarify our position in the field of architecture. Our main concern is to work on high-quality architecture and to see it evaluated in comparison. The result of a successful competition should always be outstanding architecture with high added value.

Interior Designers

Viena, Austria

Salzburg, Austria




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Winning projects


.HENN is a multi-purpose facility built in the state of Salzburg, Austria in response to a Europe-wide competition announced by the municipality of Henndorf am Wallersee. The concept is
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The wine bar on Vienna’s Rahlgasse was a labour of love for the MEGATABS architects. The goal of the project was to seamlessly blend the past and present, highlighting
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The Austrian architects .MEGATABS have a lot of experience in the adaptation of old buildings and existing structures. In this specific case, a house with loft character was created
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In Esterhàzygasse in Vienna's 6th district, the former Hotel Fürst Metternich became "Die Josefine". The renovation of the Gründerzeit building was realized according to the plans of architect Daniel
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In the "MEGATABS family" of newly adapted lofts, the special thing about the mini-lofts is their versatility. Discreet boxes made of diamond-shaped metal grids seem to merge with the wall
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The central core is a box that operates as an organizer, a divider and, with two separate kitchens, creates an opportunity to get out of the way of each
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