In Esterhàzygasse in Vienna’s 6th district, the former Hotel Fürst Metternich became “Die Josefine”. The renovation of the Gründerzeit building was realized according to the plans of architect Daniel Hora of .MEGATABS. For the interior in Art Déco style, the architects used materials such as velvet, brass and green marble. These meet sixties elements and a Viennese interpretation of burlesque. The past is mixed with the contemporary and creates a very unique atmosphere. “The vision was that by entering the hotel you are immediately immersed in another world. A world in which life is an eternal celebration. And it doesn’t matter if it’s day or night, simply because you forget time and space,” says architect Daniel Hora. The city-famous cocktail bar “Barfly’s” also experienced an all-round makeover and was reopened in a new appearance. Large mirrors, plush seating, séparées, skilfully placed lighting – the architects from. MEGATABS designed much of the furniture used in the hotel, as well as all the lamps and light fixtures. When you walk through the doors of the hotel rooms, berry-colored walls, crystal chandeliers, and mirrors await you. The dominant materials in the hotel “The Josefine” are velvet, brass, green marble from Italy and wood. The name Josefine is no coincidence either: the house tells the story of Josefine de Bourblanc, a young French aristocrat who was born in Vienna in 1895 as the daughter of an ambassador. That same year, her father acquired shares in the building that would later become a hotel. Josefine herself returned to Vienna after studying in Paris and followed her vocation as a hostess in this very hotel. The hotel’s own bar “Barfys” shines in new splendor after the reopening. During the day, it serves as a breakfast area for hotel guests. At night, it transforms into a cocktail bar. Depending on the time of day, this area also exudes a different atmosphere. In terms of furnishings, care was taken to consciously preserve much of the house that was already there and create new things to fit the character of the beautiful house and the era of the 1920s. Glamorous 1920s-style Art Déco meets Viennese wicker, crystal chandeliers meet surrealist art.


MEGATABS architekten ZT GmbH; Theresa Klinger; Vanessa Möseneder; Isabella Ecker; Marija Steko; Patricia Hora

FM 33 GmbH & Co KG

Year of completion

Vienna, Austria

Total area
1.550 m2

Jenny Koller, Tina Herzl

Project Partners

Reinforced Venture GmbH; Josef Göbl GmbH

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