Lisette, Ankara

Lisette, the newest member of Bemse Group, aims to catch the shining and lively colours of jewellery in a chocolate brand. Nēowe designed and constructed the very first store of the brand in Kuzu Effect Mall, Ankara. Widely ranged colour palette which is presented in the brand identity shows itself in the materials and details inside the space. Custom terrazzo surfaces, reflective installations covering the ceiling, brass and stained glass used on front façade emphasizes the sophisticated, elegant and characteristic feeling of the brand that reflects into space. Inspired by the signature half dome chocolates of the brand, Lisette’s 44 sqm interior space, with its highly detailed manufacturing and material mixture, offers a memorable experience for the visitors. Handmade terrazzo tiles created with a variety of marble pieces that refer to unique ingredients of the brand’s signature chocolates. Brass frames that emphasize architectural character and the front facade weaved from stained glass create a different atmosphere that breaks the intense flow of the public area, while the guests are welcomed together with the brand’s “Guilty Pleasures” label created from illuminated onyx marble letters hidden on the floor.
In the interior space, where Art Deco elements and design approaches are dominant, brass and terrazzo materials provide integrity by intertwining the whole volume, and while referring to the aesthetics of the brand, it creates a warm, detailed, multi-layered and value-added space design. The geometries, materials and pastel colours that have become a part of the design, emphasize the brand identity of Lisette while providing an unforgettable experience for the customers, the texture surrounding the interior offers visitors a chocolate box illusion that is carved out of a single piece of terrazzo cube. Covered with handmade terrazzo tiles; the display units, floors and walls are offering a seamless transition between the surfaces and continuity in the space is provided with one-piece brass strips used at the joints of the blocks. Specially designed circular units located in the centre of the glass lanterns force the boundaries of the construction without breaking the rules. The terracotta-coloured walls create an impressive background for the installation consisting of brass flakes illuminated by the spotlights, while the ice cream unit and brass jambs covered with terrazzo plates reflect the designers’ essential attention to space. Custom made tables, specially designed by Nēowe, mediate the transportation of materials and geometries used in the interior with the combination of brass and terrazzo while the seating that is signed “Lisette” emphasizes the brand\’s aesthetic and timeless design approach.



Bemse Group

Year of completion

Ankara, Turkey

Total area
44 m2

Ibrahim Ozbunar

Project Partners

Lisette, Turkey, Mineral Visual & Marketing Comm. Ankara, Neowe, Karoistanbul, Hisar Metal Dekorasyon, LOX Design, Bahar Aydınlatma,

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