Otokar E-Kent C

Otokar is meeting the challenges of tomorrow’s urban transport with a new generation of fully electric buses. A silent city-bus with zero emission and low operating cost… A cleaner environment, quieter traffic and higher efficiency are possible with Otokar’s new 100% electric city bus. With our new generation vehicle for urban transportation, we are adding a new one to our transportation solutions that aim to contribute to the sustainable development of cities. E-Kent C is designed to contribute to a cleaner environment and quieter traffic and deliver lower operating costs and higher efficiency. In addition to its design, the bus also stands out with its comfort level, technologies, and innovative safety solutions. E-Kent C offers a range of 300+ kilometers on a full charge depending on topography and usage. The vehicle’s spacious interior volume provides improved visibility and comfort for the passengers. The stylish exterior appearance indicating the brand identity is a distinctive and innovative outlook with sleek lines and dynamic forms framing the LED light elements.


Fuat Arı, Kayhan Kaya, Soner Yıldırım

Otokar Otomotiv ve Savunma Sanayi A.S.

Year of production

Akif Güleç

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