POLE Industrial Cooking Line

Pole is a modular cooking line with its 750 and 900 series, which are designed for industrial kitchen environments. Depending on their service capacity and environment, the needs of industrial kitchens differ greatly, Pole’s modular and flexible constructional system offers variable design combinations and installation options. Hygiene is one of the most important topics in the industrial kitchen environment. Pole is shaped with smooth and continuous curves in its every single detail to offer an easy & fast to clean environment. Thanks to exclusive end units, 180 and 90 degree rotations can be formed without disturbing visual and structural continuity. These units serve as functional areas so that the kitchen area can be utilized in the most efficient manner. Poles 750 & 900 cooking units and end units are equipped with a decorative orbit band on their vertical facades. These exclusive bands offer numerous varieties in color, material and texture to be visually adjusted for its kitchen interior.


Mordag Design; Mete Mordag, Turkey

Kayalar Endüstriyel Mutfak A.Ş., Turkey

Year of production

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