Leber tourist complex

March 30, 2022|Architecture|

Leber tourist complex is a reconstruction of a monument-protected vineyard cottage with late Renaissance details from the beginning of the 17th century with a subtly placed modern extension. The renovated facility was given a new tourist program, which includes accommodation facilities, wellness facilities and an accompanying wine program reminiscent of the original historic facility program. The aim of the renovation is to preserve the existing building in its authentic appearance and to seamlessly connect the modern extension, which was achieved with a low-lying extension that does not interfere with the facade of the historic building. The earthy hue extension merges with the surroundings and includes a swimming pool complex, toilets, a massage room and a restaurant with a kitchen. While the existing building has preserved smaller historic windows, the contemporary designed extension with panoramic glazing offers beautiful views to the surrounding area with vineyards.


Coinhab Arhitekti

Year of completion
2019 -2022

Zgornja Kungota, Slovenia

Total area
376,8 m2

Site area
1.285 m2

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