Lampa Volta

We often tend to see beyond the physical shape of an object, willing to trace its path, relive its memories, understand its energy. That’s why, in terms of sustainability, the designers are mad collectors of antiquities and old pieces, with a strong belief that their past will be used in the future we create. Lighting-related, this vision best translates into over 300 lampshades in their warehouse, collected over the last 5 years… the ashes from which LAMPA VOLTA came to life. A versatile lighting aggregate with a shape developed from multiple recycled lampshades mixed together. Murano mass-colored glass elements pierced by interconnected crystal tubes with brass capped edges, each hiding a 2w tailor-made led. Unique molded blown-glass pieces, made by Romanian artisan master Jeni Costachescu, give an exotic and genuine feel to the final ensemble, which can be originally integrated in both residence and public space. The new object retains its eclectic DNA through the ability to infinitely twist its appearance in terms of shape and color, thanks to a smart element-changing system.


Twins Studio; Mihai Popescu

Twins Studio

Year of production

Alex Ionita

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