The interior design concept of the new bar, located in Šentilj, was guided by homeliness, elegance and color. The interior design follows a timelessness of warm colors, materials and emphasis on comfort. It is a modern design with natural wooden warm elements in a combination with cold colored terrazzo like, playful but still inconspicuous ceramic floors and metal details in black and gold. On the main floor, directly opposite the entrance is the representative bar counter, that elevates itself out of the terrazzo tile floor. The ground floor ceiling is lined with wooden slats that rise up the gallery opening to the upper floor and take over a railing function. The gallery and its hanging industrial lights give the place new, playful dimension, adding dynamics to the place with their diverse colors and uneven placement. The upstairs space with its gallery of colorful lights, wood imitation floors and big glass openings on all three sides, create a pleasant atmosphere, with the help of colorful seating elements in green, light blue and beige. This three colors can be found through the whole place on all three floors and terraces in different elements and materials.


LUX-A arhitekturni biro d.o.o.; Tamara Črnko


Year of completion

Šentilj, Slovenia

Total area
240 m2

Andraž Kramberger

Project Partners

Creo Nova d.o.o.

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