B4 cafe, Bucharest

The store or the usual market as the daily venue in town is for everyone the symbol of exchanging news, fragrances, flavors, emotions… It’s the place to get a real cultural pulse or a vitaminizing sensorial experience.
B4 is the place where we communicate with others and challenge our sense of perception. B4 is the place where like at the market we are assaulted by a multitude of objects, colors and materials vibrated by the light of the moment that open our senses towards a possible revealing feel. The visual, auditory, olfactory and gustatory emotions display here one by one into a “garden” of experiences, touching the “explorers” within us in the context of the new Bucharest urban landscape…
That’s why the story of such a project can’t be simple or minimized. It can be just complex, complicated, partly undefined, without clear mental or stylistic patterns. It can be just a story which vibrates as much and when it should be done. In this vibration it should be poetry, report, essay, documentary, emoticon, novel… The role of B4 is finally to have a coffee, a breakfast or a meal which makes you feel the joy of the fact that you are in Bucharest in that place… in that moment…

What makes this project one-of-a-kind?
The B4 potential resides in the fact that it presents itself as a landscape of cosy ambiguity in a glasshouse shell under the sky light placed on a green park edge in the Bucharest centre whose existing interior collage of chosen elements with rough, classical, industrial and high-tech image makes you a “house client” since the first visit.


re-act now architecture; Mario Kuibus, Codrut Nica


Year of completion

Bucharest, Romania

Total area
400 m2

Raluca Ciobanu

Project Partners

Rantech Proiect, Glassarena, Proventuss Solutions, Stakusit RO, Dan Serv, Oprita Sedie, Caralux Prod, Splendid Service – Igloo Poland

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