Kobra cafe snack bar, Athens

What are the secret ingredients for the new ‘talk of the town’?
The answer is friendship, high quality, coolness and the lack of concept. Studiomateriality converts two floors in Navarinou street in Exarheia Athens, into a new hang-out place with the most funky and cool vibe.
A 3D-printed David by Michelangelo and a display featuring a Botticelli Venus in a multifaceted space with different aesthetics and styles, expose the initial idea of the absence of idea and concept. While studiomateriality’s design interventions retain the chaotic charm, they also emphasize the artistic fusion references and the simplicity of the place.
Plastic chairs and wooden tables, neon signs, colour-blocking pieces of furniture and metallic surfaces frame a Berlinean concept of freedom and sensation as “Everyone is welcome here”. Custom designs in furniture and rooms represent some of the highlights of the place, such as a turning table, a confession room and a sweet bar that serves signature Athenian sweets and comes with the teasing sign “Bad for your teeth”. Such a typical studiomateriality thing to say.


Studio Materiality

Year of completion

Athens, Greece

Total area
135 m2

Alina Lefa

Project Partners

Textures and Tiles Greece, Architexture Greece, Bright Special Lighting S.A., Orange Line.gr, Solo Athens, Solid 3D Printing & Scanning Greece

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