KINAZO E1 endure e-bike

Why is Kinazo e1 different? Refined frame geometry with tuned centre of gravity allows dynamic and agressive riding in extreme terrain. Fully integrated battery supports sleek and eye-catching frame design. Intelligent electronic control system works through mobile app connected with GPS navigation.
Unique frame is printed by progressive 3D technology of Additive Metal Manufacturing using Selective Laser Melting (SLM). E1 was printed by Concept Laser X Line 2000R which is actually being the largest serial made metal melting machine. Thanks to the Concept Laser printer we were able to print an e-bike frame parts as single pieces instead of printing smaller fractions (our first prototype was welded from 11 pieces). 3D printed Kinazo E1 offers wide options of customization like geometry modified to body of rider, specific design, shape, reinforcement or even material microstructure.


Kinazo Design s.r.o., Patrik Paul, Slavomir Ozanik, Slovakia

Paul + Murín Creative s.r.o., Slovakia

Year of production

Adam Šakový

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